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Mongolian (монгол хэл) is the official language of Mongolia and is also spoken in parts of China, Russia and Afghanistan. The dialect spoken in Mongolia, which is what uTalk teaches, is known as Khalka. The language has borrowed vocabulary from Sanskrit, Uyghur, Chinese, Russian, Tibetan and English. Although the Cyrillic script is officially used in Mongolia, there have been efforts to revitalise the traditional Mongolian script which runs in vertical columns from left to right and is still used in Inner Mongolia.

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Fun facts — Mongolian

  • Horses are so important in Mongolian culture that there are over 500 words to describe horses by their colour, pattern, age and gender.
  • The word for 'soul' is literally 'wind horse'.
  • The capital, Ulaanbaatar, means 'Red Hero'.

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